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The Big Coffee is proud to announce the launch of its very first mobile Coffee Trike – delivering freshly prepared coffee – with peddle power and continental style!

Not only is the Coffee Trike very cool – it’s the most cost-effective mobile coffee unit within our range; can’t say fairer than that!

Now, more than ever before, we see the need to provide low cost solutions in the Pop-up café sector.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes are demanding outdoor catering solutions to help plug the gap caused by the reduction in capacity inside their establishment. Newest Covid 19 rules laid out by the government mean that up to 50% of customer seating has to be removed to allow for social distancing measures. With this in mind, business owners are looking for creative outdoor service options in order to maximise the customer spend whilst keeping within the new guidelines. Pubs were able to open from the 4th July. They, too, are encouraging customers to use their outside spaces as far as possible – this is where the Coffee Trike comes in to its own.

Light weight and versatile, the Mobile Coffee Trike can be peddled into position safely and easily – within minutes it can be serving freshly prepared, barista style coffee and snacks. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the Coffee Trike can be peddled further afield to a nearby town or village; you can reach places previously unachievable whilst delivering handcrafted Lattes, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites to a new audience of lucky customers.

The quirky & fun Continental Coffee Bike is powered by dual fuel technology – making it an ideal choice for any outdoor bar or beer garden – or it can be used outside your existing café or bar; imagine it on the pavement just outside, off-set by some inviting tables and chairs!!

Other uses can include:

  • Ice Cream Trike
  • Beer or Craft Ale Trike
  • Prosecco Bike
  • Pizza Bike

Features include fresh and waste water tank, a stylish parasol and a dual fuel Fracino coffee machine and grinder. It’s easy to store away; after use the bike can be easily locked away in a garage or shed and wheeled out again for any event or marketing campaign. This makes the Coffee Trike a real all rounder.

Thinking to the future – shopping and socialising in towns and cities will have to change. But could this be a change for the better?  Shops and business owners will need to work harder to create a truly exceptional experience for visitors; they will need to offer a customer experience that is different and vibrant.

So, whether your customers are sipping an espresso or their favourite glass of fizz – make it an experience to remember!