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Got your business idea in place but need advice on which vehicle is right for you? You’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at the list of business types below and we’ll help you identify a cart, van or trailer to suit your requirements.

Whether it’s a mobile coffee conversion, a catering vehicle, mobile craft beer or prosecco bar, ice cream or pizza van, or even a marketing and promotions event trailer, our team are here for you.

Our Conversions


Big Coffee Mobile Coffee Van

Mobile coffee vans

A mobile coffee business puts you in control of your life. Take a regular pitch…
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Big Coffee Mobile Bar Conversions

Mobile Bar Conversions

Mobile bars are massive at the moment. They offer the perfect complement to the exploding…
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Big Coffee Mobile Coffee Van

Mobile Catering Vehicles

Thousands of mobile catering vehicles are out there serving customers every single day. From the…
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Big Coffee Ice Cream Conversion

Ice Cream Van Conversions

There’s no more welcome sight on a summer’s day than an ice cream vendor at…
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Big Coffee Pizza Van Conversion

Pizza Van Conversions

Entertain customers with true street food theatre with one of our fun and attention-grabbing pizza…
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Prosecco Van Conversion

Prosecco Conversions

Prosecco vans are everywhere. They attract long queues at street food events and in shopping…
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Big Coffee Custom Marketing Trailers

Custom Marketing Trailers

Custom marketing trailers are high impact promotional vehicles that will help you take your brand…
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