Why you started this exciting new venture / what you wanted to achieve?

Having just sold my previous business I was looking for something new to invest in. I spotted an opportunity and the 2 collided at the right time. I, along with my wife Lindsay, would like to achieve something of our own that we can be proud of. Something that can generate a healthy income that can help us towards living a comfortable life. I will also enjoy putting smiles on faces via a hot beverage.

When are you hoping to launch your new mobile business?

Ideally, we would like to launch at the end of October, beginning of November. Not only will that coincide with the colder weather but also some great launch opportunities with Halloween and Fire Works Nights 

Where will you be trading your bespoke mobile unit? 

I have had some positive conversations with a local secondary school who hire their sports facilities during the evenings and weekends. Massive footfall of parents watching children’s football, Pauline Quirk Academy as well as other events taking place each week. The talks have also included homing our Pod within the school grounds when not in use (added security rather than leaving it in our street or on a road somewhere).

Handover – 21/11/2023

Our journey started by just attending The Big coffee to have a look. From that day we haven’t looked back. The constant updates from Claire, who has been great, have really made us feel a part of the whole build. If Claire did not know the answer, she found it! The quality of finish is what was promised, and we now look forward to putting our plan into practise. Big thanks to everyone at Big Coffee. (Claire, Rob, Russ + The rest of the team).